New CD - De Tristeza, Melancolía y Nostalgia...
This material is a free interpretation of musical works composed by their authors, who are duly indicated in each musical piece. Downloads are free and the donation is suggested and at the discretion of the user, which is to cover the production costs since it is a completely independent project driven only by the interpreter. I thank you very much for your support by making a donation.
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Of Sadness, melancholy and nostalgia are replete many moments of our lives, and it is impossible to eliminate them completely to live only happy experiences, this is an inherent part of our human condition; However, there are ways to overcome these difficult times, where the words are not enough and the company is insufficient ... one of them is to use the sublime power of music.

In this album I pretend, in a very personal way and with a humble interpretation of solo guitar works by various composers and periods, to give you a sound accompaniment for those moments of memories, reflection, sorrow, grief or longing, without the greater purpose than to lighten their weight and make an easier transition, remembering that the melancholic state has a unique power and magic that makes that, by taking back certain memories of the past, we can renew our desire to be alive. 

I hope you enjoy it.

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