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Due to the changes that the pandemic brought us worldwide, we had to adapt to a new reality that, thanks to technology, helped us find solutions to continue our activities. That is why I put at your disposal the option of quality distance learning, with online guitar classes where you can learn pieces of different levels and styles so that you can take advantage of your time in a practical and fun way.

As a teacher I have academic training in different teaching methodologies such as Suzuki, Dalcroze and Orff as well as extensive experience teaching students of different ages and levels, from 6-year-olds to older adults, so if you don't have any experience or you already play but you want to improve your technique and raise your level of musical interpretation, we can gladly work on it.


The classes are completely personalized and are structured for gradual and progressive learning  and are adapted to the level required by each student. They consist of a theoretical part, to understand how the instrument works and the construction of melodies and harmonies in it, a technical part, to have a correct posture and take care that the student does not have "vices" that generate discomfort later or that slow down its learning and a practical part, where the student interprets the desired repertoire, all this always following their musical interests and with well-defined objectives from the beginning to achieve a gradual, constant and enjoyable learning in which results are seen from the first classes .

With a history of more than 20 years in the field of music and guitar education, I cordially invite you to join the comprehensive learning program that I offer you so that you can play the music you have always wanted on the guitar and exploit the Maximize your creative potential.

The classes can be through Skype, Google Meet or Zoom, so they can be taken anywhere with an internet connection, so don't hesitate and



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