Originally from Mexico City and a graduate from the Music Faculty of the UNAM, he specializes in concert guitar and has won some national and international chamber music competitions. Founding member of the Guitar Orchestra of the National School of Music and currently an active member of the guitar ensemble of contemporary music  Sicarú.

As part of this ensemble, he has been presented in Mexico as well as in various European countries as well as in North and South America, obtaining important prizes, among which are the first places in festivals such as the Guitar Foundation of America (GFA) 2017, Southern Guitar Festival 2017, Brownsville Guitar Ensemble Competition 2017, International Guitar Festival EBAUABJO 2016, Honorable Mention at the Villa - Lobos Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2016, 2014 CDMX Youth Award, 2014 Manuel M. Ponce Prize, International Guitar Competition Raúl Sánchez Clagett, Uruguay, 2014, first prizes at the Musile di Piave, Corato and Philadelphia festivals in Italy, 2014.


He is currently working on a new project called “Meridian Dúo” with guitarist Vicente Martínez Santillán, with contemporary Latin American music repertoire. As a soloist he has performed in different stages of Mexico, Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Brazil, Slovakia, United States, Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic and Uruguay.


In addition to his active career as a guitarist, for several years he has worked as a music teacher in prestigious schools in Mexico City.

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